Entrepreneurs who wish to invest in Belgium have various alternatives, of which acquiring a Belgian 'shelf' or ready-made company may be the quickest. A Belgian 'off the shelf' company is an already established business entity which is usually dormant or inactive. This type of company should have clean records, and has never engaged in any commercial activity.

Shelf companies in Belgium and acquiring shares of an already existing company is a complex procedure and always requires notification of the Belgian Trade Register. The foreign investor must be sure to provide the new list of shareholders, the current address and an agreement of the foreign entity to purchase shares of the Belgian company. A Belgian readymade company can also change its name, registering the changes with the local Trade Register. Obviously, the date of incorporation of the company cannot be changed.

The share transfer of the Belgian company is completed after a notary certifies the procedure. For this purpose the foreign investor must provide all the above listed documents and the decision of the new management board, the address and other relevant documents where changes have been made, such as additional objects of activity and other modifications in the company's articles of association.

The foreign investor should ensure the Belgian readymade company is clean of liabilities and there are no tax debts, social security contributions or other due payments and claims. For this purpose the investor can send a written request to the Direct Taxation Department of Belgium.

Even though there are some requests and one cannot simply purchase a company in his/her name without conducting certain documentation on the company to take over, the process is simpler, as there are already various established companies suited for every business type.

We can offer VAT-registered Belgian shelf companies headquartered in Belgian major cities per your requirements.



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