The opening of a company in Belgium can be done on the basis of several forms of societies:

  • Anonymous Society
  • Private Limited Liability Company
  • Cooperative
While choosing an organisational and legal society, the future needs of a company should be taken into account as any form has significant differences according to the level of responsibility, the status of CEOs and shareholders. It is enough to apply to the company's consultants to register a company in Belgium. Our specialists will guarantee all the necessary services are completed and will provide many additional services that will make it possible to open a company in Belgium and to lead business activity.

Open a company in Belgium

The purchase of a company in Belgium is a great way to ensure operational management of your business with the minimal input of your time and money. Our specialists will ensure that professional help is provided for registration of your firm and will work out the best price for your company's establishment in Belgium.

If you want to place an order or to get a consultation, you can contact our specialists by phone.



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